13 September 2006

A day at the Mercato

In Italy there are markets that travel from town to town and Anzio’s is held on Wednesday mornings. This market or mercato offers a wide array of items, from fresh produce to cheeses, from shoes to dresses, from cleaning products to toys.

The first week we were in Anzio we went to the mercato to enjoy the experience and ended up coming home with several bags. We found excellent prices on food and some other items we needed, and the atmosphere of the market with all of the vendors reminded us of the midway at a state fair, the people walking between the stalls and the vendors yelling out to customers is something that must be experienced.

The vendors display beautiful, fresh produce and frequently mark where it is grown. This market is particularly good for produce, though we can also buy things like shoes and purses. I bought my messenger bag here, which I see the local guys toting.

We have attended the market weekly when we are in town, stopping into a favorite bar for our morning caffe and pastry in the same neighborhood. Many of the items available are bargain prices compared to what we have seen in most of the established stores. This week we stopped in for just a few items and brought home a bag full of produce, all for just 3.90 Euro.

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