02 September 2006

Apartment located in Ascoli Piceno

We went to Ascoli Piceno for three days this week to look at apartments to rent for the next six to eight months, the time left on our visto/permesso di soggiorno. We need a furnished apartment and wanted to be in the beautiful, medieval centro storico. Standard tourist rentals are a bit out of our price range and limited in availability in this area of Marche. After talking to some local rental agencies we discovered that the standard contract for a rental is at least 1 year, usually longer – often up to four years. Since we are not guaranteed that we will be able to stay beyond a year this created a problem.

We found several “affittare” signs on buildings while walking around the centro and with Valerie’s language skills were able to view a couple apartments. With some phone calls and face to face meetings, by the time we left town on Thursday we had made a deposit on a two bedroom furnished apartment near Piazza Roma, just minutes from the two main piazzas in Ascoli Piceno. The owners are finishing some cosmetic repairs and we plan to move in the middle of this month.

Our friends Giorgio and Francesca have been wonderful with our current housing but we look forward to a place of our own, where we are not the visitors.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Beautiful. Wish I was there.