30 August 2006

Parco Nazionale del Circeo

Parco Nazionale del Circeo is located about an hour south of Anzio on the Mediterranean coast. This park encompasses a large wooded inland area as well as a peninsula which includes a peak of 1,500 ft. The drive up this peak, Monte Circeo, is topped by a large cross and the panorama provides wide views of the plains around Latina as well the coast and the accompanying crowded beaches. There is a short drive along the coast with its rocky cliffs that provide a spectacular view of the deep blue sea, a view that reminded us the Amalfi Coast.

There are three different torre, or towers, along the coastal drive that in years past provided advance warning for the town of San Felice de Circeo, a medieval port on the south side of the peninsula. Two of these torre have been converted into private residences that have a spectacular view of the rocky shore and western horizon.

This monte and peninsula are composed of limestone with some radio and television towers along the ridge, a combination that reminded us of Sandia Peak which overlooks Albuquerque, New Mexico.

An excursion to this park is rewarded with some spectacular panoramas, wooded park areas and numerous hiking opportunities. Your visit should start with a visit to the visitors’ center in the town of Sabaudia with its modern facilities and friendly staff who plied us with maps and brochures on the fauna and flora of the parco.

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