19 August 2006

"Chuiso per ferie"

August is the traditional month for Italians to go on vacation, leaving the cities in droves for beach and mountain destinations. Since Anzio is a beach area we are seeing the full flood of vacationers. This week, which includes the biggest Italian summer holiday on the 15th (Ferragosto), is the peak of the vacation crowds, as well as traffic in and around Anzio.

We are getting a bit of the double whammy this week with both the influx of vacationers and dealing with some local shops being closed for their own vacations. Many businesses have signs of their doors “Chuiso per ferie” with various start dates but all seem to end on August 20th, so it appears next week will be the end of vacation for many Italians and shops will go back to their normal routine.

Hopefully we will see less traffic around Anzio, but we are not holding our breath for that.

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