21 August 2006

100th post

I started this blog in 2005 for two reasons; the first one was to inform our family and friends of our progress in our quest to move to Italy. I was being lazy and did not want to have to repeat the same information many times to different people, so I thought this would be an easy place to point everyone to check our progress. I started this after we had made the commitment to move and we were ready to break the news to everyone.

The second reason was to document the process to obtain our visa, the big move, and our experiences in Italy. Since memory can be a fading thing it would be best to document this in writing as we went along what we had to do to obtain our visa, sell our house, and move our belongings. Then I could document our adventure here in Italy - the sights, sounds, tastes and experiences of the land and the people we meet.

There has been a third benefit to this blog in that people have found this blog either by referral from others or by web-searches who have emailed me stating that they are looking to start the same adventure. It is good to know that others can benefit from the experiences we have had in this process and hopefully avoid some of the anxiety we had with the bureaucratic issues.

It is always a pleasure to read comments people leave on the blog as well as direct emails, hopefully you will continue to follow our adventure in Italy and this information will be a help to others.

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