08 August 2006

Chief Wahoo in Nettuno

Just a few days after we arrived in Anzio we drove into nearby Nettuno to see what the town had to offer, with our friend Giorgio. As we were driving down a street I saw a billboard with a baseball player who was wearing a cap with the emblem used by the Cleveland Indians – “Chief Wahoo”. I saw this again and when we went to the local information office; I picked up a schedule for the Nettuno baseball club who use the Chief Wahoo emblem. It appears this is a rather successful team having won some league championships.

(We also noticed when we lived in New Mexico that Chief Wahoo hats were the favorite among Native Americans there.)

This is very interesting to me a,s having grown up in the Akron, OH area, I have been a long suffering Tribe fan (this season has caused much suffering). I left my Cleveland Indians and Browns apparel back in storage in the US, perhaps I should have one of my Tribe caps sent to me?

One wonders if the Cleveland Indians Baseball team is aware of this use of the Chief Wahoo emblem.

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Anonymous said...

The Cleveland Indians ARE aware. Major League Baseball's European Academy is located in Italy because it is the best baseball playing nation in Europe. MLB is well aware of Nettuno. They play in Italy's major league. Our major league teams have scouts in Italy that cover Nettuno.