13 August 2006

Ford Fiesta

We now have a set of wheels so we can get around Anzio and Italy easier without having to rely on the local bus service. With our planning to move here we had hoped to be able to rely more on the local bus services but quickly came to realize that would not be possible. With the help of our friends Giorgio and Francesca we now have the use of a 1997 Ford Fiesta Ghia 1.25 with 76,000 kilometers (48,000 miles), power options and the all important air conditioning. This engine is big enough for mountain driving but not too big to use a lot of gas.

It is difficult enough trying to purchase a vehicle when you speak the language and was compounded for us (Valerie did most of the talking in Italian) with some of the language issues: asking if it was in an accident, maintenance issues, is there a warranty, negotiating price and making sure there were no hidden fees. Francesca will be the actual owner of the vehicle and she secured the insurance while we will pay her for all of these costs.

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Jane said...

Bryan and Valerie--congrats on getting your car. You found someone as nice as we did--not many people would be willing to do it. You will enjoy your time here more with wheels. Sure hope we get together before too long.