30 March 2006

Top questions

When we tell someone of our plans to move to Italy there are some questions that come up repeatedly so I thought it would be helpful to give answers here:

What are you going to do? This is probably the #1 question and for most people they mean, "what kind of job are you going to have?". Italy and the European Union, just like the US, are very protective of their jobs and it is very difficult if you are not from an EU country to obtain one unless you have some specialized skill, which I don't have (15 years in insurance). One of the requirements of our visa is that we do not rely on finding employment.

What we will do is learn the language, explore the history, be amazed by the architecture, interact with the people and see what God has planned for us.

Where are you going to live? We will be living in Anzio which is about 1 hour south of Rome on the Mediterranean coast. Roman friends have been gracious enough to allow us to use their summer home. We plan to live there a few months while we search for more long term housing.

What about health insurance? Another requirement of our visa application is that we have proof of insurance before we get there. Once we are in Italy we may be able to qualify for Italian national health system.

How can you do that? The simplest answer to this question is because we decided to. Life is based on choices you make according to what your priorities are, so we have made this move one of our priorities and God has been gracious enough to provide us with means to make it happen.

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