21 February 2006

2 months from today...

Two months from today we will land in Rome. That is less than 60 days to go, just over half of that time will be in New Mexico before we pack up and move the remainder of our belongings for storage to Chicago, the last portion of the time will be spent in Ohio visiting family and friends.

When I first started this blog to document our move to Italy there were some weeks when there was little to post on the process. Now we are to the point in this adventure where something is going on almost daily. We have spent months making lists (okay so I'm the list maker, Valerie has a better memory) of what we need to do to leave and now we are seriously putting those lists into action and things will get busier each week.

Each day starts with a prayer for patience and guidance as we count down the days to bella italia!

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Anonymous said...

I hope you keep up this blog after you're there. The new challenges will be just as intersting to read.

Congradulations, by the way. I'm excited for you both.