21 February 2006

Moving truck reservations made.

We are going to store what furniture we have left near my sister Diane south of Chicago. Our plan is to store enough to minimally set up a house when we have to come back to the USA. It so happens that Valerie's sister is moving to Cleveland at the same time so we are sharing this truck between the two households. Valerie's uncle Dean has kindly offered to fly to Albuquerque and help me drive the truck at least to St. Louis, Missouri.

I reserved a 22' truck on-line from Penske along with a car carrier for towing our 1995 Ford Mustang. Valerie and her sister Cara will drive Cara's Honda while Dean and I share the truck driving duties.

We plan to visit some friends in St. Louis before spending a few days with my sister's family in Chicago and unpacking our portion of household items. Then we will head to Cleveland to unload the remainder of the truck at Cara's new residence.

It has been a few years since I rented a moving truck and I did a lot of searching on the internet for the best rates and going by the local rental locations to check out the condition of trucks and to see just how big is a 22' truck. We picked this size based on the cubic foot volume it will hold and what movers have told us our remaining belongings will require. Some of the rental trucks with other carriers I have seen around town look like they might be strained to make a cross-country journey while the Penske trucks all look relatively new.

Now we will continue with the packing of our house.

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