13 February 2006

Language school updates

We both started our Italian classes again in late January: Valerie in a conversational class and I am in an Italian 2 class. We both have the same teacher, Gigliola Mueller, who is originally from Trieste in the far northeast corner of Italy and has lived a fascinating life. This delightful lady is both our teacher and a friend.

I admit I do not spend enough time studying my Italian, I use the excuse that there are too many things to do getting our visa and moving, and my progress shows the results. Valerie on the other hand has put much more effort into learning the language and she has seen the results.

The other step in our language learning process is we officially enrolled in Accademia Italiana in Ascoli Piceno, which is in Le Marche near the Adriatic coast. http://www.accademia-italiana.com/index/english.htm

Enrolling in this school involved the bank transfer I had written about previously and today we received the email confirmation from the school of our enrollment for 3 weeks in May. We hope the language classes we are taking now will give us a boost for this intensive language school and our anticipated move into the Italian way of life.

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Valerie said...

Devi studiare piu!