09 February 2006

Shredder over-load

With the packing process we have been going through there is a lot of old financial account information I had accumulated over the years, as well as medical bills and receipts. It is amazing how many bills and old accounts we have collected over the past 19 years. (Valerie would say this is part of my being a "pack-rat")

In trying to lighten the load to move our belongings across the country before we fly to Italy I accumulated several piles of old account documents that we no longer needed. At one point I had 2 grocery bags full of documents with assorted personal and financial information that I did not feel comfortable with just tossing in the trash.

I looked at my home shredder and figured it would never last through chopping up that much paper so I searched the yellow pages for shredder services. I actual found a couple in Albuquerque and for about $10 I was able to get my 2 grocery bags full of documents turned into confetti. Now, what additional items I find as we continue to pack will be easy prey for my little shredder.


Felix said...

I may need the telephone number to that shredder service. I've got you beat - 3 bags and counting!

Valerie said...

Sounds like Felix is more of a pack-rat than Bryan!