25 July 2016

Towns of Basilicata: Maratea

Maratea has a lively old town above the blue coastal waters. A great place to visit the Mediterranean Coast without the crowds of Amalfi. Some common names from Maratea are: Limongi, Brando, Schettino, Lammoglia, Martino, Montesano, Panza.

10 July 2016

Bandiera Basilicata

Each region in Italy has a flag and this is Basilicata's.
The four waves in the crest represent the four major rivers of the region:
Basento, Agri, Bradano, Sinni.

30 April 2016

Towns of Basilicata: Abriola


Abriola is perched on the top of a hill in central Basilicata. Some common surnames from Abriola: Sarli, De Stefano, Dapoto, Triunfo, Larocca, Berterame, Lombardi.