15 February 2006

One month to go at work

Today marks one month until my last day with Safeco, March 15th. I have several items I am trying to wrap up before this last month is over and have admitted to my boss that there are times when I have to refocus my concentration on getting my work done. It would be too easy to just say let it linger until I am gone then someone else will have to deal with it.

I had hoped the last few weeks I would spend training my replacement but the search for a replacement probably will not be complete until after March 15th. Despite the 3 month advance notice I gave the company the search for a qualified candidate has been met with limited responses.

My co-workers have known for a couple months of our impending move to Italy but until now I have not told most of the customers, contractors and other vendors that I work with of our move.


Felix said...

you mean i knew before your customers?

Bryan said...

Felix, You were one of the first people to know.