09 January 2006

Time line to Italy: 1st edition

When we decided to move to Italy we had to pick a time we would want to be there and then work back from that date since we can not apply for our visa more than 90 days before we arrive in Italy. April 2006 was the month we chose to arrive in Italy.

We plan to submit our visa application to the Los Angeles consulate the first part of February.

My last day of work will be March 15. We will pack and move out of our house right after that and hit the road. We will be driving our rental truck, while pulling our car, across the country to Ohio. We hope to make some stops on the way to visit friends, and to break-up the drive.

We will be in Ohio in April, where the majority of our family still lives, through Easter. We plan to fly from Ohio and arrive in Rome the later part of April.

We will be at our temporary residence in Anzio until we go to language school for three weeks starting the first full week in May. Then it will be back to Anzio for the summer.

My brother Wayne and his family will be in France in July and will be coming to Italy for a visit and sight-seeing.

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