07 January 2006

Piano for sale...ooops it already sold

As mentioned in my previous post, "Making the load lighter" we are not storing everything we have in our house now that we are not taking with us to Italy. One of these items is the baby grand piano that has been in our house for 9 years. This piano is an antique that had been in Valerie's mom's house before we brought it out to New Mexico.

When we had this house designed we even had a nook put in large enough for the piano thinking we would get it here and both of us would learn to play. I had taken some lessons when I was kid but never really enjoyed the practice required...well that hadn't changed in 30 years so the piano had become more of a piece of furniture. We decided we wouldn't be moving it, we would sell it. We had it tuned and got opinions on what to ask for it.

Thursday Valerie called in an ad for the Friday edition of the Albuquerque Journal. Bright and early Friday morning we got a call from someone who wanted to look at it and by mid-morning the piano was sold. Now arrangements have to be made with a piano mover to transport it to its new home.

The load is getting lighter.

1/10/06 update: The piano movers were here to day to take the piano to its new home, now we have a big space in our great room.

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