10 January 2006

"Lettera di Invito"

Letter of invitation

Today's mail has brought to us our "LETTERA DI INVITO" from our good friends Francesca and Giorgio in Rome. We met them at their restaurant in Rome on our 1st trip to Italy in 1998, a wonderful osteria. The welcome was so warm and the food fantastic that we went back on our second trip. They remembered us and treated us like family. Since then we have met with them on each of our trips and exchange cards by mail during the year.

When we notified them of our move to Italy, Francesca and Giorgio offered to us the use of their summer home in Anzio, about an hour south of Rome by train. We had visited this seaside home on our last trip, on a cold March day, when the house was filled with the warmth of cooking and good conversation. Their generosity in this offer to us is amazing.

After several emails and a phone call to iron out the details on what they needed for the form, we received the document in the mail today, complete with a host of stamps, or marca da bolli, and the comune stamp.

This is the last part of our visa application process we needed to get from someone else, now we just need to wrap up some small details ourselves and we will be ready to submit our visa application in February.

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We Love Italy said...

Not sure you remember me, but Larry and I (Jill), also known at weloveitaly on the expats site, returned in March to Seattle having lived the Italian dream outside of Cortona. Reading your blog and all the steps you are going through to get to Italy reminds me so much of our journey!! In some ways, I'm reading our story again. If you have any questions, happy to help.