06 October 2018

Rinnovo Patente

I obtained my Italian drivers license in June 2013 and since I was already over the 50 year age mark it was only valid for 5 years. I have recently completed the renewal process and here in Basilicata it isn't complicated, just requires a bit of running around (and various fees).

First you need to have your assigned doctor complete a form that you are fit to drive - 20 €.

Obtain properly sized photos - 5 €.

Pay three different taxes and fees at the post office - 43.20 €.

Finally go to the ASL office in Potenza and have your vision checked and the request completed.

Once I did the last step, my new license arrived in the mail three days later: pay the special delivery - 6 €.

The ufficio motorizzazione civile that I dealt with to get my original patente was not involved in the renewal process.

I'm good for another 5 years!

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