28 April 2013

Gli Inviti

Valerie is fuori Italia to attend her cousin’s wedding next weekend. The wedding is in Phoenix so she is taking the opportunity to visit our “home town” of Albuquerque while she is in the Southwestern US. In her absence I am left to fend for myself.

It’s not that I don’t know how to cook; I just find it to be more of a chore. Besides, nothing I can make compares to the excellent dishes my wife is able to prepare in our small kitchen.

Since Sunday is the big family meal day several friends offered il invito for me to have lunch with them. I had committed to an offer a few days ago but today after mass while everyone was out in the piazza I had several more offers to join various friends for their family meal. I may be able to cook for myself but I’m never one to turn down a home-cooked meal.

The generosity of the people of Trivigno…just a part of “Una Vita Piu’ Bella”.

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