17 April 2013

Fish in Amalfi

Valerie found some “2 for 1” deals on hotels in Amalfi recently so we planned to relax a bit and spend a week-end there. Fortunately the weather just after Easter improved and we took the ferry from Salerno into Amalfi. The hotel in the center of town we had booked has a B&B located farther up the valley and they offered us a larger room at that location. Once we saw the views we opted for this alternative.

View from B&B balcony

We took the bus to Ravello and enjoyed some of the local wine and views looking down onto the coast.

We ate fish.

We strolled around Amalfi and happened to bump into Laura from “Ciao Amalfi” on the lungamare. Sometimes Italy can be a small world.

The next day we walked to nearby Atrani and enjoyed what Amalfi probably looked like before tourism became the number one activity. There is an easy walk through a connecting tunnel or take the scenic route amongst the houses above the highway. We did some exploring of the narrow side streets of Amalfi and had a big lunch at one of the restaurants on the beach.

We ate fish.

On Sunday we got up and had very expensive caffe’ and cappuccino in the piazza facing the Duomo. Table service with no pastries or cookies for 7 euro – ouch!

We took the bus back to Salerno.  The bus ride is interesting as the driver maneuvers the tight curves, but may not be for those prone to motion sickness .I have driven the coast road more than once and my recommendation is to take the ferry. It takes about 35 minutes and you get great view as you go along the coast.

It has been a few years since we have been able to get away by ourselves, usually we are showing clients or guests what Italy has to offer.  This was a nice diversion.

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Laura said...

Hi Bryan, Fun blog post! What great weather you guys had in Amalfi. It was so fun to bump into you and Valerie! I love it when Italy feels so small. :-) Hope you'll be able to make it back up this way again soon. One of these days I want to check out your neck of the ... um ... mountains? Ciao ciao, Laura