23 March 2013

La Primavera Arriva

There are more signs of Spring each day. The older men in town chatting in the sun, people enjoying the mercato and the winter wheat in the fields around us is becoming greener. As we approach the end of March the weather here is improving with fewer days providing the possibility of snow and longer days with more sunshine and warmer temperatures.

I like to take walks along a road that provides a good view of our town, Trivigno and the surrounding mountains. When we lived in New Mexico one of our desires was to someday own a place in the mountains where we could spend time relaxing. Here in Basilicata we have the best of both worlds – a home in the mountains and a home in Italy. At around 2100 ft. we aren’t at a high elevation compared to NM but being surrounded by higher peaks we definitely have the experience of mountain weather.

Trivigno (PZ)

There are other pluses to our location in that we are an hour from the coast and close to all the fresh produce that Basilicata offers. Most importantly we have chosen a town where everyone is willing and able to help each other. Una Vita Piu’ Bella


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This is not a prediction, but a fact. The 1st of March is the first day of the spring weather. And for most of the Italian regions also marked the first few days of good weather.

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