17 February 2013

Carnevale 2013

Carnevale in Ascoli Piceno

Unfortunately Carnevale isn’t much of an event in the Potenza area.Friends in Ascoli Piceno invited us up to spend last week-end with them to partake in the festivities there. We remember fondly our time in Ascoli and Carnevale was always a fun time in town with the piazze packed with people of all ages in costumes.

Venice may be the most famous city in Italy for this holiday but there are cities up and down the peninsula that have events just as interesting, and probably easier to attend. Ascoli Piceno’s events focus on the children in their costumes during the day and the citizens dressing up at night to perform some elaborate skits that generally mock the local politicians. Men in drag is a recurring theme – I have yet to get a reasonable explanation from an Italian for this practice.

We had a great time revisiting the city and with our friends. As always, we ate well and were able to pick-up a few souvenirs to bring back to Trivigno with us.


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Steve said...


goowai.adele said...

This kind of events are the ones that people should consider if they plans to travel Italy. I think the stay would be more worth it.

By the way the 3rd picture really is funny ahaha


Bryan said...

Carnevale and other eventi/sagre are a great way to experience Italia.