15 January 2013

Lost in Action?

It may have appeared that I was lost in action for 2012 but 2013 should be different.

In the fall of 2011 our bank account dictated that drastic steps were needed if we were going to have food on the table. Our neighbors have always been very generous with the abundance of their gardens but there are limits. I was teaching English at a private school part-time but our funds were low and our prospects in Italy were not looking good. We decided I would return to the US to work and replenish the account, while we continued to search for practical ways to support a life in Italy.

I quickly found a good position in the US with a lot of traveling. Since I would always be on the road we figured it would be best for Valerie to stay in Trivigno. Early in 2012 she was offered a part-time position and has developed some additional writing opportunities.

In December the private school I had worked for previously contacted me via email to ask if I was available to teach. This was God’s timing as our financial situation had improved to the point where we were looking for just such an opportunity.

I returned to Italy just in time for Christmas and we greeted the New Year together in the place we call home – Trivigno.


Niki said...

I'm glad that things have improved and that y'all will be able to stay there for as long as you want to or as long as God wills. :-)

Liz said...

God is good! You have truly been blessed. Looking forward to your post in 2013.

Bryan said...

Thanks - our hope is that this is "per sempre".

stacy said...

glad you are back, we have also had to live separately at times to help out the bank account (my husband in italy, me in texas). now we are looking to move permanently to italy and we'll see how it goes.

let's both pray for a great 2013!

Anonymous said...

Bryan and Valarie, Hello! I hope that you are well.
I sent a short message to you at Christmas per email and it came back as unable to deliver.
Just want to wish you a Happy New Year! Mary Ellen

Italy in 2015 said...

Oh Bravo! So glad to hear things are in the black for you both. Your story has been such an inspiration to my husband and I. We cheer you on from Florida and one day hope to follow in your footsteps. Ok, not one day...exactly 2148 days from now! God bless you both!

janie said...

Glad to hear from you again an that things are looking up for both of you.