16 December 2012

HHI link

Since House Hunters International filmed here in Trivigno many have asked how they can view our story if they miss it on HHI or don't have access to American cable. Since airing in 2011 the episode has been removed from the HGTV website.

We have posted the video on our YouTube channel for My Bella Basilicata: HHI in Trivigno

We hope you enjoy this and other videos on our channel.


erin said...

Hi Bryan! It's been a long time since I commented...years actually...but I've been reading ever since we moved to Florence (and now back in the states). Anyway, I would love to watch this episode and followed the link right after you posted it, but it never would load...just tried again, and same issue. I tried other episodes and they work just fine. Any other links?

Bryan said...


When I found the link it worked but I noticed last week it didn't and I tried again, along with some other shows shot in Italy - "The requested video cannot be found".

I thought maybe this was a problem connecting from Italy but looks like you have the same problem in the US.