13 March 2012


RAI is the national television network, actual there are RAI1, RAI2 and RAI3. These were the only ones on the airwaves long before Mediaset’s medusa spread across the peninsula. Each region has its own RAI3 newscast each day, your local news source, called TGR - TeleGiornale Regionale.

Our local TGR was in Trivigno in January and the reporter heard about gli americani who chose this small town as their own. She decided this would make a good human interest segment for their Saturday mid-day show. So a few weeks ago we spent a couple hours with this reporter and her cameraman being interviewed.

All in Italian

This was not like our House Hunters International filming where we had an idea ahead of time what the questions were going to be and then maybe two or three takes…in our native tongue. Nope…lights, camera, go for it!

Valerie did great. Even our friends who were there during the interview thought her Italian was very good. When it came my turn…not so good but I got through it.

Our roughly four hours with the TV crew will be cut down to about six minutes. Once it airs on TGR it is supposed to be available on the internet. Check back as I will post the link when we have that information.

HGTV, TGR…who will come calling next to hear our story about moving to a small town in Basilicata?!


Liz said...

I was wondering where you 2 had gone. It has been awhile since your last post. Finally got to see the episode of House Hunters. Makes me really want to move to Italy soon. Love your home...so charming...Thanks for sharing it with us...

Steve said...

If you keep this up you will have to get a SAG card.

Bryan said...

Next it will be the awards shows, the lights, the glamor,,,nah.