03 August 2011

Auguri Don Tonino

Don Tonino's 10 Year Anniversary

Trivigno has one priest, Don Tonino. (“Don” is a title of esteem for the clergy in Italy.) He is a friendly man who works well with the local kids and always greets us on the street. Soon after we moved into our house he came down and did a traditional blessing. Since everyone in our small town knows the mass by heart there are none of the printed weekly bulletins with the liturgy. We don’t know the mass in Italian and when we mentioned this to him he obtained several upcoming editions for us to be able to review in advance. 

Don Tonino recently celebrated ten years as the parish priest. There was a special mass attended by the bishop and during the mass the townspeople assembled a surprise party in the piazza. When Don Tonino emerged from the church he was greeted by a piazza filled with well-wishers. No festa is complete without music, dancing, food and sparkling wine to celebrate. The kids put on a couple special presentations, a few toasts were made and then Don Tonino joined in with the dance music.

Our town priest can dance!

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