20 July 2011

Musical Barista

Bar Oscar, Ascoli Piceno

When we lived in Ascoli Piceno one of our regular bars for caffé in the morning and also stuzziccini in the evening was Bar Oscar on Corso Mazzini. Oscar and his wife, Anna Laura, run this establishment and they became our good friends who always took the time to chat with us.

Oscar makes a very good caffé and cappuccino. He also has a hidden musical talent that he expresses on his coffee equipment: he enjoys tapping out a tune that always ends with a big smile. We visited Ascoli Piceno recently for our House Hunters International shoot and Oscar serenaded us with this tune...

Nothing like a little entertainment to go with your caffé in the morning.

A double jolt to start your day.


Linda @ Ice Tea For Me said...

What happened to your caffe/espresso machine you had in the states? I'm assuming you couldn't take it with you for various reasons.

Bryan said...

Linda - That machine is sitting in a box in Cleveland. No need to bring something like that when we have 3 bars here in town.