02 June 2011


Just before our return to Italy last October I had a birthday and my sister-in-law, Cara, gave me a pair of heavy work gloves. At the time I thought these were a bit unnecessary as I already had some cotton gloves. I had always used lighter cotton or leather gloves around our house in Corrales and only used heavy ones in my constant battle against tumbleweeds.

After starting to do some projects around our place I soon learned that Cara’s gift was very insightful. Working on a house that is three hundred years old with three-foot-thick stone and concrete walls requires two essential tools: heavy work gloves and eye protection.

Whether I am chipping away at some stone work, pulling debris from our stalla, hauling firewood for our heating or grinding rust off a piece of steel, then one or both of these are a basic safety requirement. Usually both.

So if you happen to be in the market for a unique house in an Italian hill town, be sure to put these two essentials on your shopping list.

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Anonymous said...

My family is from Ascoli Piceno. My husband and I just spent a few days there last month. It would be wonderful to see this beautiful city in HHI. When will the episode air?