19 April 2011

Spring is Trying to Arrive


Spring had arrived last month cold and dreary; a few days later it was warm and sunny. Since then we have traded a week to ten days of warm sunny weather with equal periods of cool and damp. Spring is trying to make itself felt but winter keeps butting in.

Just over a week ago we were out walking the hills around our town in light jackets, this past weekend we were donning winter coats again. A few weeks ago we learned how to hunt the elusive asparagine and then temperatures changed delaying another venture into the lower forests to forage for enough for a delicious plate of pasta.

Living in Southern Italy many people, Italians included, think we have long warm sunny days all year. Living in a Lucanian mountain village more than 100 Km from the nearest coast means winter can linger. Friends here remind us that it has been known to snow on Easter…and in May!

Since Palm Sunday the weather has steadily improved once more to spring like conditions and with the arrival of Valerie’s sister in Rome tomorrow we hope the treand continues.

As a side…Spring always has the hope of new things so I am trying some new looks for this blog. This may be a work in progress!


Patricia said...

Lovely, How nice to eat the "seasons!"

Bryan said...

Patricia - They also taste so much better "in season"!