02 April 2011

Narrowest Street in Italy?!

Which one is it?

In our travels around Italy we have found four towns that lay claim to the narrowest street in Italy. Okay to be fair each town calls it something different: a vicoletto in Accettura, a vicolo in Ripatransone, a ruetta in Civatella del Tronto or a via in Città della Pieve.

Vicolo in Ripatransone

Ruetta in Civitella del Tronto

Vicoletto in Accettura

Nevertheless they are all claiming to have the narrowest public way or thoroughfare in a city or town. Who is right!?

We visited the Via Baciadonna in Città della Pieve several years ago and I do not recall the width. We visited Vicoletto Pozzo in Accettura a few weeks ago and it comes in a close second in width. The ruetta in Civatella del Tronto does not appear to have an actual name, signs just point to “La Ruetta”, but its width varies over the length of the ruetta. Of these thoroughfares that claim to be the narrowest I believe that the vicolo in Ripatransone is the one that can rightfully lay claim to the title of the Narrowest Street in Italy.

But there is still a lot of Italy we haven’t seen, perhaps there are more contenders?!


Anonymous said...

Valerie and Bryan, mille grazie for your commitment with keeping your MERAVIGLIOSO blog up with a constant flow of interesting articles e le fote. I'm still stuck in stati uniti and whenever I'm a little down or stressed out, an occasional quick glance at your blog always makes me feel un po' meglio..I pray I can survive my remaining 2 years of work life until I can finally retire to Bella Italia per vivere La Dolce Vita! Ancora una volta, grazie! Giovanni di San Francisco

Bryan said...

Giovanni - Before you know it those two years will be over and you will be enjoying una passeggiata.