05 March 2011

Cooking With Giorgio

YouTube Recipes

Our friend Giorgio of La Cucina dello Zio Giorgio has put together several short videos on YouTube of some of his delicious recipes. These are not complicated recipes but simple dishes anyone who knows their way around a kitchen can prepare.

The videos are in Italian but the visual aspect makes them easy enough to follow so anyone can understand the recipes. There are currently six videos and each lasts less than four minutes.

We have had the pleasure of enjoying these recipes over the many years we have known Giorgio so I am sure you too will enjoy them. Give Giorgio a quick look, you won’t be disappointed.


janie said...

He's adorable!

Bryan said...

janie - I'm sure when I tell him you said that he will blush.

Linda @ IceTeaForMe said...

Great videos and I agree with Janie, Giorgio is a cutie.

Recipes look yummy. Watching these videos is a fun way to brush up on my Italian.


Bryan said...

Linda - He does talk slow and clearly which makes it easy to understand if you do know some Italian.

Keith said...

Thanks for recommending this! He does speak very well, and I'm going to spread the word about his videos. And delicious, too!