14 February 2011

Lucano on Flip

We received a Flip camera for Christmas and have been playing around with it a bit since. I finally figured out the best way to load videos for others to watch - YouTube. Linking to emails or directly loading via Blogger was not working so here is a sample of a montage of footage of our micio Lucano.


Unknown said...

Hi Brian,

Very nice clip and I am interested in knowing which program you used to make it and add a song etc. Would you please tell me?



Bryan said...

Rose - I just used the program that came with the Flip camera. I'm sure you would like to make some videos of your Yorkies!

Anonymous said...

I love your little Luca.....he looks like he is a "mouser".


Bryan said...

Val - We haven't seen him get any mice but he is very good at catching flies!