12 January 2011

Glad to be Back Home

Holland America Cruise 2011

We returned a few days ago from our cruise in the Caribbean, a trip with our worst flight experiences ever. The night before we left Valerie awoke coughing and by the time we arrived at the airport in Rome she was dealing with the flu. Not a pleasant way to spend 11 hours on a trans-Atlantic flight.

We had a six hour lay-over in Atlanta, where Delta “misplaced” our luggage and we finally located it with some persistent questioning. New Years Eve we were in the Miami Airport and Valerie spent the next two days in Miami in bed recuperating.

We boarded the cruise in Ft. Lauderdale and had an enjoyable time in the Eastern Caribbean with my family. The weather was warm and sunny and there were no problems on the ship. We even filled the sports bar onboard with Buckeye fans to watch the Sugar Bowl, no Razorback fans to be found.

O-H-I-O   Go Buckeyes!

The problems with Delta continued on our return flights when there was a delay leaving Miami which bumped us off our flight from JFK to FCO. After some scrambling we were booked on a later flight but when we arrived at FCO our luggage was nowhere to be found. Delta claimed they could not find our luggage but fortunately yesterday we had a call from FCO that our two bags were located and are to be delivered to our house on Thursday.

We are glad to be back home and Lucano’s constant purring indicates he is happy to have us here.


Anonymous said...

I've been in bed the last two days with the flu...I'm trying not to blame Valerie... :)

Brother Martin

but we did have a great time on the cruise!!

steph said...

You did really have colorful experiences on your trip. I also had a few unpleasant experiences on some of my trip and I like to look at it positively by thinking that it kept me from being bored sitting and waiting. I'm looking forward to read more of your post.

Jeanna said...

Getting sit is really a bad time during travel... But good for you guys to have all that experience. Traveling is really stressing most of the time so our resistance weakens good thing you arrived safe on your flight despite of that horrible flu.

Bryan said...


Sorry to hear you caught the flu, hope you are doing better now.
We also had a great time!

Brianna said...

I hate it when luggage get lost. You're lucky that they found yours. Mine was never found. Anyway, what's important is that you are back again, safe and sound. Happy 2011!