08 December 2010

Mi Chiamo "Lucano"

We are cat people.

This fact became obvious to our friends who have a kitten, every time we were at their house. We cuddled and petted it. So what do they do…they bring us a cute little orange ball that purrs non-stop.

We call him Lucano, Luca for short. He is the runt of the litter and he quickly inserted himself into our home. So far he has been a very good kitten; he has refrained from chewing on things and scratching on what furniture we have. Luca splits his time between being in the house when we are here, outside when we are gone and nights in our cantina.

When we are in the US for the holidays our friends will take him in our absence. And yes we are committed to returning to Lucano and Lucanella.


Niki said...

He's so cute! I'm a cat person too. Though I do have a toy poodle as well as three cats. :-)

Rosaly said...

Cute and cozy cat! It's very nice to have animals in the house. I have two yorkies that I adore and make my life happier!

Anonymous said...

Che carino! My cat (Rubina) is just like Luca....except she will be quite elderly by the time I move to Italy, so I might have a delay because of this. But when I finally do land in Italia, I will be adopting some "gatti" anche! You truly are blessed in living your dreams in Bella Italia! Thanks for your ongoing inspirational blogs! Giovanni di San Francisco

Bryan said...

Pets just seem to make a house more like a home.