06 November 2010

Our Town


There is no grand castle overlooking the town. There are no majestic walls protecting the inhabitants. There are no Roman ruins. There is no famous Renaissance art.

Perched on a ridge of rock overlooking a majestic valley our town has a population of less than 800, but we have found this small group of people to be very friendly and hospitable. Your typical people from Basilicata.

We have three bars, a supermercato, an alimentari, a frutta-vedura, a tabaccheria, a forno, a parrucchiere, a macelleria, a farmacia, an ufficio postale and of course the weekly mercato. In addition we know that a doctor makes house calls in town twice a week, there is another parrucchiere who sets-up temporary shop once a week and on varying days traveling vendors will pass through selling mozzarella, vegetable, and various clothing items.

Our location provides relatively easy access to the regional capital of Potenza and all the bureaucracy and services that city provides. However, we find that with all that our town provides we can be comfortable without venturing out of town for several days at a time. Any walk to a shop or just to get a coffee will involve meeting at least a few friends who will want to chat, share a coffee or just say “Ciao”.

“Lucanella” is a fictional name we use in our blogs to refer to our town as we are admittedly being a little selfish. We have seen the results of too many stranieri flocking to one area and we want to keep this location “our little secret”. Suffice it to say we are in the hills of Basilicata south of Potenza. (We later realized we want to help Lucanella by bringing more people here! The secret is out: we live in Trivigno)

If you can find the new shutters...that is our house.


Rosaly said...

Great! Now I know where you are located. It all sounds so nice. I hope you will be very happy there!


janie said...

What a wonderful town-so happy for you!

Bryan said...

Rose and janie - We certainly are enjoying small town life in southern Italy.

walks of italy said...

really very wonderful town and i will be visit ......
thanks for sharing information