11 July 2010

Il Mio Favorito

What is the favorite brand for your espresso?

If you have followed this blog you know I have a passion for caffe’, caffe’ vero. We are not able to enjoy a quality caffe’ at any coffee establishments here but we are content with what we make at home with our Gaggia. 

We have tried many brands of beans both in the US and in Italy and I find that Bristot beans provide a quality crema, flavor and aroma in both regular and decaf. I get good prices and quick service from Espresso Zone for my beans.

What is your favorite brand of coffee to make in your espresso machine?


aquilotto said...


when i lived near Balt, i discovered Mayorga Coffees. there regular (american style) roasts are great and i feel their Espresso Oscuro and Espresso Suave roasts to be a very good local alternative. those always worked for me and my Rancilio burr grinder and semi auto machine


janie said...

I love the beans from Tazza d'Oro in Rome. I know this sounds crazy, but we order from them a few times a year. I just use a Mukka and a hand pump frother to make my daily cappuccino. We're spending a lot less than trips to Starbucks-which I can't stand anyway.

Bryan said...

domenic - It is always good to hear that you can find a local source for coffee, or anything.

janie - When you find the right source, go for it. I agree on the Starbuck, I haven't been in one of those for years.

Anonymous said...

I am from the self-proclaimed coffee capital (Seattle) and MY favorite coffee is our local Espresso Vivace (which you can have shipped to you, but only in the US) and Stumptown out of Portland, OR. Yum! As a local I seriously cannot understand why people like Starbucks so much!

PS I very much love reading your blog. I am applying for my dual Italian citizenship and can't wait to spend some time there. Your blog is getting me ready, so thank you!

Bryan said...

Anonymous - I recall on my visit to Seattle several years ago before coffee bars began to spring up in other parts of the US that there seemed to be a coffee bar on every corner.

Good luck on your venture for citizenship.