25 January 2010

In the City...or in the Country?

Valerie and Maria have spent the last week in Lucanella cleaning up the house since it has sat empty for more than a year. They have been taking measurements and talking to sources for work we might want done, all the while enjoying the hospitality of the people in our “new” home town.

During our three years in Italy and on previous trips we had the opportunity to live both in cities and in the countryside of Italy. We love aspects of both of these options, though neither one would be perfect. For us we want to be able to have daily interaction with Italians and not have to drive somewhere everyday to do that…a drawback of country living. We also want to be able to sleep at night without the late night activities of the city going on outside our bedroom window. How do you avoid both?

You probably can’t, but we found small towns offer the best of both scenarios – people to talk to, stores for daily needs yet without the bustle of a long Italian summer season. When looking at houses in different areas these were some of the specific things we looked for about the area and location, besides what the house itself had to offer.

We think we have found that in Lucanella.

A small habitable house in a small town that happens to have spectacular views. The town has a supermercato, an alimentari, a forno, a frutta verdura, a macelleria, post office and three bars. I’m sure there are some other shops hidden behind some unmarked doors that we have not yet seen. The location is also an easy driving distance to a provincial capital with all the additional services that provides.

There will be plenty of time to explore more…

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