20 December 2009

Snow for Christmas

Record snow for NOVA

This was not what I had in mind when we moved to Northern Virginia!. The snow started Friday evening and continued unabated up until late last night. We have about 15" at our house with reports of as much as two feet in some areas. There was a reason we moved from Ohio some 20+ years ago, to get away from snow!

However, shoveling snow is like riding a bicycle - you never forget how to do it. Unfortunately my snow shoveling muscles forgot long ago and they are in full rebellion.


Steve said...

We actually got off lighter than you guys did.

Unknown said...

Steve, We arrived in northern OH yesterday and noticed just a few inches on the ground here, nothing like the piles of snow we left behind in VA

Gil said...

We had close to 2 feet from the same storm. Our part of CT usually gets less snow that the Western part this time we got the bulk of it. Merry Christmas!