03 December 2009

La Cucina dello Zio Giorgio

Authentic Italian cuisine at your door

Would you like to have authentic Italian food products but wondered if what you were buying was made by someone located somewhere other than Italy? Our good friend Giorgio who has been in the food business all his life, most recently owning an osteria in Rome for many years, is now offering a hand picked selection of Italian products that can be shipped anywhere.

Giorgio has a passion for cooking as a true Romano, having grown-up in the hills near Rome. We have frequently benefited from his cooking marvels and we know of no better cook. Our family and friends who have savored his dishes will all agree.

Giorgio has launched La Cucina dello Zio Giorgio, a line of foods that he has personally selected and in many cases developed the recipes himself. We have been his willing guinea pigs on several occasions to try new products.

Be sure to order now for delivery in time for Christmas. 
Click: La Cucina dello Zio Giorgio

Buon Natale!


Gil said...

The link brings me to a page with just the name.

Gigi said...

The link worked for me. The truffle honey and truffle walnut pesto sound very unusual. you can see that I like truffle!

Bryan said...

The Zio Girogio brand will not click thru so I added that to text at the end.

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