30 September 2009


I Mascheroni

Decorative wall carvings called un mascherone, a mask, can be found throughout Italy. These were a common fixture in the Baroque period with the angelic faces over doors or windows.

In southern Italy you will find many of these incorporated into buildings above doors, windows and even in walls to be used as places to tie-up animals. These less elaborate decorations may be simple faces or intimidating snarls. Are these a representation of the property owners or just a whim of the stone carver’s imagination


Rosa said...

Just love them!
What were the rings used for? Horses?

janie said...

Cool! I love how in Italy there's something interesting to see just about everywhere you look.

Unknown said...

Scintilla - The hooks are were/are used to tie up animals...usually mules.

If you look around, there indeed does always seem to be something interesting in Italy.