09 September 2009

Ci Traslochiamo

Off to Washington, DC

This week we are relocating to the Washington, DC area. We have been in Cleveland, OH since we returned from Italy but never intended to be there for an extended period, especially considering the winters.

Cleveland is one of the hardest hit areas economically and the job prospects have been very slim. I have had several opportunities develop in the DC area and there is a more active job market.

We have been to DC many times and always found the city to be one of the most beautiful in the nation with the monuments, architecture and diversity that is attracted there from all over the world. It just feels like a European city to us.

We look forward to meeting up with old friends we have in the DC area and making new friends as we settle in.


janie said...

Good luck with your move-how exciting!

Unknown said...

Janie - Thanks, are settling in but it will take awhile to feel comfortable with a new area

Gil said...

Good luck in DC!