31 August 2009

Frozen Custard

An American treat

It is not gelato, but a good American substitute for a frozen treat. Frozen custard stands used to dot the roadsides all over the USA but seem to be a disappearing icon. I remember as a kid playing in Little League that when you won a game the whole team was treated to frozen custard at a local stand. That is just one of those summertime memories that are always a part of you.

Unfortunately many of the family stands have disappeared as people reject fresh and homemade for prepackaged bland products. I know of a few frozen custard stands around Northeastern Ohio and Rosati’s in Northfield has some of the best I know. Their custard is so dense they use a scoop to serve it. They have daily specials and on a warm summer day you will find people lined up as the girls quickly dish up the cool treats.

Rosati’s Frozen Custard


Anonymous said...

You hardly miss an opportunity to put down the folks here in USA don't you.

Unknown said...

Anonymous - I'm not sure if you missed something but I like frozen custard!

When I made observations in Italy the Italians complained I was picking on their country, seems to be the same in the US if I make observations of life around me. At least the Italians didn't hide behind "anonymous" and open dialogue with them often led many to become regular followers of this blog.