05 August 2009

Dog Days of Summer?!

Record cool summer in Ohio

The dog days of summer have yet to arrive here in Ohio; there was an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer this morning that though Cleveland did not set a record for the coolest summer, other parts of the state and upper Midwest did set records for lack of summer. Despite setting no record the average temperature in Cleveland for July was 69F (21.5C). Valerie is calling this the “Not winter season”.

I have enjoyed the cool weather but between the outdoor temperatures and frigid temperatures inside businesses I have had little use for shorts this summer. During our three summers in Italy we experienced hot and humid Julys where most of the month included minimal precipitation. The heat in the city would build as the month progressed and we were always looking for places in the mountains to make trips to for cooler temperatures. The heat and humidity was a combination we had to adjust to after 20 years of the high desert of New Mexico.

The forecast here for August is for closer to normal temperatures…we’ll see how that plays out as the final stages of summer progress.


Anonymous said...

Another blow to the myth of "Global Warming".

Barbara said...

Strange that you had humid summer in Ascoli - were you in a valley? Here in San Venanzo we have such low humidity - and it's such a treat after Louisville's 90%+ humidity summers!

Unknown said...

Martin - Seems no "warming" in OH, especially considering the winter there was here last year.

Barb - Ascoli is 20 km from the sea and when we lived in New Mexico if the humidity went above 20% people complained. It is all about perspective.

Gil said...


Sounds like you are having a lousy Summer like we are having here in Connecticut! It never even hit 90 in June & July. Now the days are getting shorter and the nights cooler. I'm sure that either Global warming or China or maybe both are the reason for all of the rain.

wayne said...

Hope you are happy - 90 and humid.

Unknown said...

Wayne - Nothing like a 2 day heat wave!

Gil - Looks like it has only been hot south of the Mason-Dixon line this year.