14 May 2009

Zipping between everyone

Cars in Italy are known to be small and I have written before about these but recently in Rome we saw this taken to a new level. We were near the Pantheon when this little roadster came scuttling through the crowd, dodging legs and bumping along the cobblestones.

This little guy was enjoying the sunny day despite the crowds in his battery powered car; note the Ferrari sticker. Everyone smiled as he weaved his way across the piazza with his mother scampering behind.


carol and bill in DC said...

Hi Bryan,
This is tooooo cute....and I'm so glad that the popular Italian culture is alive and being passed on to the next generations.hehehe ps the Pantheon is my most favorite place in Roma.

Bryan said...

Carol and Bill - He just seemed to be enjoying himself, oblivious to all the tourists.