09 April 2009

What now?

Last few weeks in Italy...

We left the Cilento area to meet my sister and her husband who were in Italy for almost two weeks. We spent part of the time touring around southern Marche and the last few days in Rome before they departed on Monday.

Later this week we will catch a flight to Barcelona and drive up to southern France to visit Valerie’s cousin. Her cousin and partner have a house there where we will spend the Easter weekend. We have tried to connect with them in France when they have been over from the US several times but there has always been something that interfered with our plans. We are looking forward to seeing them and southern France for at least a few days.

When we return from France we will drive to Basilicata where we have arranged for rental apartments in Matera and central Basilicata for about five weeks. We will use that time to explore more of Lucania, an area we always find a connection with. Friendly people, great history, beautiful scenery and great food have always been our experience in Basilicata and that is where we want to be before we have to return to the United States.

We will then return to Rome to spend some time with our friends, Giorgio and Francesca, for a few days before we catch our flight back to Cleveland around Memorial Day weekend. Our vehicle and furniture are at Valerie’s sister’s house in Cleveland so we will use that as our base as we explore our options and determine our next steps once we are back in America.


janie said...

What a great plan-have a wonderful time!

Jane said...

Brian and Valerie, enjoy your last few weeks in Italy as you close this part of your journey. I know there is great sadness but know that something wonderful lies ahead--hidden until you're ready to find it. God has His plans for you.

Bryan said...

We will feel like "i vagabondi" before we leave Italy but hope to make the most of these last few weeks.