03 March 2009

Sheep in search of...

During the past three years we have made various attempts in trying to locate a place of worship and with our transfer to the Cilento area we have tried again, with less than satisfactory results. We have nothing against the Catholic Church but would prefer a protestant Bible based service. Unfortunately the only Bible based services we have been able to locate that are accessible to us have been a bit too charismatic for us.

Our experiences with the Catholic Church overall have been positive but with the large stone buildings in Ascoli Piceno we found the ability to hear and follow the messages to be difficult. The majestic churches may have originally been built with lovely acoustics but amplifying systems seem to only distort the sound. We have attended some of the smaller parish churches here in the Castellabate area but have not felt a connection to one of them.

The small parish we attended in Anzio and our friends’ parish in the Montesacro area of Roma have services and priests who we could easily understand and with a message we could follow. We also found the teachings to be Biblically solid. Italy has an abundance of art and architecture depicting icons just as America has its own icons in work, money, vehicles or even sports. However, all of the priests’ messages we have heard have been centered on Jesus.

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Nancy said...

As a devout Roman Catholic....I'm glad to hear this!!