13 March 2009

Italy Panorama

A unique view of Italy

I have found that with living in Italy I have this desire to share the sights, smells and flavors of this beautiful country with others. This was the idea in 2007 when we started Panorama Italy Tours; the area around Ascoli Piceno has so much to offer we didn’t understand how people would not want to experience all that the Piceno area has to offer.

We have traveled extensively around Italy, especially il mezzogiorno, and always enjoy finding the places where you won’t find tourist crowds and many times won’t find many people who speak English. The unique and hidden treasures that represent for many what Italy is all about.

To share these experiences and the insights we have gained from our travels we have set-up a new website, Italy Panorama, to share our insider views on what we consider some of the most unique places, cuisine and events that Italy has to offer. You won’t find information on Firenza, Venezia or Milano…there are plenty of sources for that…but the places where few outside of Italy have experienced. Places like Cerveteri, Melfi or Torchiara. Places where you will want to go if you want to get off the beaten tourist path and interact with Italians and be overwhelmed by the beauty that is Italy.

Italy Panorama
will grow as we add more information so be sure to check back often.


Giorgio said...

I like your website. It's a good idea. You also chose a good domain name. bye bye

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Love your website...we love going to places just like those...amongst the Italians. We do like a little bit of city life for a day or so, but prefer the hidden treasures, as you say! Thanks for that, will certainly be calling in again.

Bryan said...

Giorgio and Anne - Thanks for taking a look. We have plenty to add so stop back often.

Anonymous said...

Great idea Bryan. Love your insights. I'll surely check back often

Bryan said...

Carol - I'm sure all of us who have done extensive traveling here have some unique places others would not know about.