24 February 2009

Una sfilata

Carnevale di Agropoli

This is carnevale season and the Cilento area has their own events leading up to and including today, Martedi Grasso. The shops here in Santa Maria di Castellabate have had costumes on display for the kids since we arrived four weeks ago but other than that there hasn’t been much activity. Certainly not what we experienced previous years in Ascoli Piceno.

Sunday we went into Agropoli as they have been advertising una sfilata, parade of characters for Carnevale. Since we are driving up to Ascoli to pick-up our permessi di soggiorno we will not be in the area on Tuesday but wanted to see what the local customs were for the festa. It was rather cold that afternoon and a short spell of rain seemed to delay the parade by at least an hour but when it did start it was a combination of eight large floats, blaring music along with costumed kids and young adults dancing in the street. Despite the short route of less than a kilometer the montage of color and sound took more than an hour to pass.

The last float was the one most interesting to us, a huge caricature of President Obama with almost fifty teenagers in red, white and blue dancing in front. The Italian love affair with America is obviously alive and well.

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