30 January 2009

Rain birds

Santa Maria di Castellabate

We left Ascoli Piceno on Sunday after packing a Ford Galaxy rental full of our belongings and along with our Ford Fiesta we headed to Rome. We unloaded what we had collected over the past two years, which is more than I’d like to admit, at our friends place in Rome before returning the Galaxy. On Tuesday we loaded the Fiesta with what we need for a few months and drove giu to our temporary winter digs here in Santa Maria di Castellabate. This villa is a rental property belonging to friends of ours and the house needs some work before the upcoming rental season and we will provide onsite supervision.

Our view is southwest over the Mediterranean and we witness the sunsets every night just before 5:30 PM local time. From our location this is quite a view. The town of Santa Maria di Castellabate is a relatively small coast town which swells in the summer with tourists for the Bandiera Blu beaches, nearby islands, rocky coast and proximity to cool mountain locations.

We have finally had a few clear and warmer days here after the cool and dreary winter so far in Marche. I feel like we are “rain birds” having headed south to a warmer and dryer climate for the duration of the winter. Between overseeing work on the villa we hope to explore this area and enjoy all that southern Italy has to offer.

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