18 January 2009

Fur everywhere

Where’s PETA?!

As our family and friends in America suffer through an extended period of bitter cold this seemed like an appropriate subject.

The temperatures dropped in our area around the holidays I started to notice a lot more fur coats on women as we strolled around town. These are full length fur coats being worn by women of all ages. Fur coats, fur hats and fur trim. In Italy there is no outcry against using fur…and I agree.

Last winter I bought a down coat and it came with a rabbit fur collar, you have to actually try to find a winter coat that doesn’t have some fur. The price of a down coat, with the fur trim, can be very reasonably priced. I haven’t priced fur coats but I did notice one of the vendors during the weekly mercato who has used furs for sale of various styles…I’m sure there can be some bargaining in that purchase.

The combination of a nice wool sweater, down coat and some fur trim with the obligatory scarf and I find the cold weather in Italy bearable.

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